About RI District 3132

Our Rotary District came into existence from 1st July 2008 after bifurcation from RID 3130. Our District lies in the heart of the Indian subcontinent and has a myriad of interesting geographic, historical and contemporary attractions. With an estimated population of 25 million, the district has 3063 Rotarians, 650 Rotaractors spread over 72 Rotary and 30 Rotaract clubs in 11 Revenue Districts of the state of Maharashtra. The District is situated on the Southern Western side of Maharashtra. Geographically it extends 470 km from East to West and 310 km from North to South. The Western region has heavy rainfall and picturesque hill stations in the Sahyadri mountain range and the Deccan Plateau with the fertile agricultural hinterland in the Central region and drought-prone area of Marathwada in the East.

Tourism in RID 3132

Our District is a congruence of people of various creeds and cultures who follow a combination of traditional and contemporary customs and practices. We can boast of superior education institutes, exotic natural beauty and famous architectural monuments. We have the famous bird sanctuary for the Great Indian Bustard which is a rare and almost extinct species. We also have other birds and wildlife sanctuaries in our district. Our main crops are Wheat and Jowar but we are famous all over India and overseas for our Sugarcane, Grapes, and Pomegranates which are exported in a big way. We also have several very reputed and famous Industries in the Automobile, Computers, Textiles, Sugar, Garments, Engineering and Winery sectors. We are also known for our medical facilities and doctors and we have many people from neighbouring areas that avail of these services. We have very good tourist spots in our District like the World famous Ajanta and Ellora caves and the popular hill station Mahabaleshwar. We can say our District represents our India in a real sense and we are proud of that. We have two airports one at Solapur and the other is at Aurangabad connected to Mumbai. Weather-wise we have hot summers and temperate winters with average rains in the monsoon season. The best time to visit here is between September to February.