Explore Rotaract to become a Leader

Rtr Ketaki Kulkarni | DRS Admin 22-23

What is the most important trait for a good leader to have? How do you display this trait? A leader is like a compass for a group of people, they set the direction others should follow, by exemplifying hard work in order to motivate the people around them. The most important trait for leaders to have is humility. Being humble is critical for leaders because being prideful sets them apart from their team. Through Rotaract, we meet a variety of Younger individuals having an authentic enthusiasm in varied aspects. Also, we have great ideas, new ideas, and things we haven’t tried before.

I have been a part of this organization since my childhood as my parents have been a part of it. I have experienced going as an IDYE member 2 times and have hosted numerous families and individuals at our home. This helped me interact with people across the globe, and taking them as a host to explore my city was once a new experience for me. This gave me a new aspect towards hospitality leadership in me which I may have not discovered if not a part of this. There are so many other examples of my journey in this organization that have enhanced my public speaking skills and connectivity to locations I haven’t even been yet!

Millennials want to change the world, right? They want to have an influence of their generation, and that’s always been a part of Rotaract. It’s just a matter of making it a more conducive environment for millennials, like being more flexible with the core of the Rotary and Rotaract. The biggest thing is building the relationship between the more seasoned and experienced Rotaractors and Rotarians and young members coming in. Come, explore yourself, and master your managerial skills and crafts through Rotaract!