Hello Rotaractors – let’s embrace the change!

Drr Prasad Warad

Warm Rotaract Greetings to Rotarians and Rotaractors.

Rotaract began as a Rotary International youth program in 1968. Now Rotaract has grown into a major organization of over 10,904 clubs spread around the world and over 203,000 members in 189 countries. Rotaract is a platform, chosen by many youths, to find the solution to different challenges which the world is facing. RID 3132 is one highly vibrant districts. Rotaractors from RID 3132 are contributing to society and taking up many activities using this platform; which helps them to grow professionally.

Friendship and Fellowship inspired me to join Rotaract. I started my Rotaract journey in 2013. And in the course of these 9 years, I got many Friends from different countries. When you connect with a good community and good people, your personality starts growing. My leadership qualities and self-confidence developed while working with Rotaract. Starting from the club level to now as District Rotaract Representative, I got many opportunities to lead. For Rotary International year 22-23 I will be a representative of all Rotaractors from District 3132 with much honor and pride. Conducting training of all officers, developing membership, and building a strong bond between club members will be the main focus for my tenure.

Rotaract is now in the transformational phase. The new changes that Rotary International has brought are strengthening the roots of the organization.

Change is an opportunity to develop strength. The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. Rotaractors will be more responsible now. For Rotaractors age limit has now been removed. Rotaractors can be part of the Rotary District team. One of the Rotaractors is a member of RI president Jennifer E. Jones’s team. From RI year 22-23 Rotaractors will pay dues to Rotary International ($5 per member for university-based clubs and $8 per member for community-based clubs), which will make them aware of the rights and responsibilities they have towards the organization. Also, they will develop a sense of giving and will be able to experience the satisfaction of giving. Rotary International is working on many major issues in the world and this small contribution of Rotaractors will go into this great work.

Rotaract clubs will soon be able to participate in district and global grants. Global grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s areas of focus. By working together to respond to real community needs, clubs and districts strengthen their global partnerships. Rotaractors should Learn about Rotary grants, participate in a grant management seminar and work with district leaders to become qualified to apply for global grants, they must take an active role in implementing a project funded by a district or global grant.

So, this change in the Rotaract brings many opportunities for a youngster. Looking forward to accept this change positively and grow more. Here is message of me and my team to all Rotaractors “Lets Embrace The Change” – official theme of Rotaract District Organization 3132 for RIY 22-23. “Rotaract” stands for “Rotary in Action”. Rotary in DIR 3132 is very strong with more than 90 clubs and 5000 Rotarians. With the help and cooperation of this Rotary, we will definitely get a lot of opportunities. I urge the Rotarians to create more Rotaract clubs in the district. Through Rotaract, you will gain many active leaders to lead Rotary in future. I also urge all Rotarians to inspire the youth in your family to join the Rotaract movement and explore the internationality of Rotary. I urge you to join hands, and sail together towards a bigger and better future for Rotary, and for the world we live in. With your help, we will not only embrace the change; but also bring a new change in the world.